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Cafe of Life Chiropractic Handpainted Sign


Your first reservation at Cafe of Life 

includes an orientation class to provide the opportunity for you to explore what we do, how we do it,

and what is possible for you and your family

with Innate Centered Chiropractic.


During this first step in becoming a client,

in a no pressure group setting, you can decide if your objectives are congruent with our objectives and practice. 


Due to current restrictions, we are NOT currently holding group orientation, however we are still welcoming new clients into the practice.  Call or message us from the links below to get started.

Your Personal First Visit

After you have attended orientation, your first visit  and adjustment will be scheduled typically within 3 days.

Plan to spend about 30 minutes for this first visit to allow enough time for us to be completely thorough and personally ask and answer any questions that come up.


We will take time to understand not just what you are feeling, but who you are and listen to the concerns, challenges, and objectives you have in life.


You deserve to be heard and seen for who you truly are. 


During your first visit, we will explore your history and current activities and stresses that may be influencing

what you are experiencing in your body right now. 


Next, we will assess your neuro-spinal system, 

through the alignment in your spine and body as a whole 

for balance and function.  


On that same day, you will typically receive a gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment.

Cafe of Life Chiropractic First Visit

Your Personal First Visit

Cafe of Lie Chiropractic Reception Area in Dallas Texas

Join the Practice

We have several affordable ways for you to join our practice and enjoy the benefits of consistent chiropractic care.


We specialize in supportive, life changing care, that often leads to longtime relationships with the people we serve.  Although your symptoms and pain are important to us, the members of our practice often experience a deeper level of healing than simply just the symptoms

that may be on the surface. 


If you are ready to make the commitment

to yourself, your life, and your well-being,

register for your Orientation.


Get Started Now

We are NOT currently holding group orientation, however we are still welcoming new clients into the practice.  Call us or message us below to get started and we will help you get on the schedule as soon as possible.

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