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Pregnant women experience changes in their bodies on a daily basis, from the moment of conception, physically, chemically and emotionally. 


Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments make it easier

to integrate this new experience with efficiency and ease, so you can focus on and enjoy the wonder

of this magnificent time. 


We have had over 50 babies, that have been born in the last 6 years, in our practice that were conceived by parents who were struggling with fertility before beginning regular chiropractic care.   


Whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, having a neuro-spinal system working the best it can creates the optimal environment for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.


Birth is not just natural, it is supernatural.

Natural birth is possible for every family.  It has nothing to do with where or how you decide to deliver your baby; just that YOU have the courage to put fear aside and decide what is Innately right for you as a family.  


When a child is born, so are a mother and father;

the most powerful versions of ourselves.


Alignment, not just structurally, but with the Innate wisdom withIN you, with your birth team and with your partner creates an optimal environment for the process to unfold with greater ease.  


Research reveals that women who receive regular chiropractic care carry and deliver with more comfort. 

Specifically, with regular chiropractic adjustments mothers decrease the need for analgesics by half during their delivery and experienced a 24% reduction in labor time.


Autumn serves as a Doula and childbirth educator and can assist your family with a gentle and honoring birth regardless of how and where you are planning birth.


She chose a natural birth with all 3 of her children.  In 2008, Kaya was born at home in a water-birth with the assistance of a doula and midwife.  Nova was born in August of 2016 in a standing squat less than 2 hours after the first wave of labor.


 A story of Kaya's birth and why choosing natural birth can create an optimal start at life and healing was featured in the

March 2009 edition of Baby Dallas Magazine.


Children innately and naturally express health and joy.  

They grow, heal and change at a rapid rate.  In childhood, we develop the foundation for the rest of our lives physically, chemically and emotionally.  


A true state of optimal health and wellness in any person, including children, is more than the absence of disease or symptoms.  A state of “wholeness” and well-being is expressed when we are functioning, performing, integrating, and responding optimally.   


Beginning as early as a stressful birth process,

children are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress and experience during their first few years.  

Learning to crawl, walk, run and even feel

big emotions in tiny bodies,

they encounter countless falls and bumps

as the neuro-spinal system adapts and grows.  

We gently and specifically check the alignment of children, as early as moments after birth.  


Give your child the best start possible, beyond symptom and disease care… bring them to HEALTHcare.



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