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Serving Life...

Drink Up

Dr.  Autumn Gore

 Autumn has spent the last 17 years on a journey of self-discovery and growth.  

In 1999, she felt led to begin the process of becoming a chiropractor

and has been in private practice, here in Dallas since 2005.


She serves as a mentor and coach for Chiropractors and students all over the world, helping them connect with and communicate an

Innate Centered message;

to be a catalyst for change without using fear as a motivator.


Autumn is a powerful international public speaker, passionately teaching the principles of chiropractic and life; inspiring audiences to find and be led by the strength of their inner innate voice.


Dr.  Tom Gore

Early in his life, Tom was drawn towards a life dedicated to serving humanity through the healing arts.  Having the experience of being raised by a medical doctor, Tom witnessed, from a young age, the abilities and the limitations of our current Healthcare system.  

After college, sure he wanted to serve, but unclear of a direction, he was experiencing one of the most stressful times in his life.  Divine intervened and his entire world changed when his health was restored after beginning to receive chiropractic.  


He applied the energy and spirit of service and compassion that he learned from his family and chose the path of becoming a chiropractor.  


Tom is a kind, gentle, loving father and a compassionate chiropractor with one goal in life; to contribute to the elevation of consciousness in humankind, by living and serving the Innate principles of chiropractic to all who cross his path.

Kemba Peterson

aka Queen BE

Kemba is the Queen BE of compassion.


Her hugs and ability to LISTEN

breathe love into the life of our community.

With an Innate nature to SERVE with love;

she permeates everything she does. 


She has grown with us.

Bringing her WILLingness to show up,

to do what needs to be done;

doing the work that many

would dismiss as elemental,

but know as essential.

She is the first face you see and

the last voice you hear. 

And we are all better for it.

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